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The Great Okra Trial

The Great Okra Trial

This summer I will be growing 50 heirloom okra varieties at Franny’s Farm in Leicester, NC. This observational trial will be looking at all the plant characteristics from stem to seed with the aim of creating a complete profile for each variety grown. I’ll be keeping a blog of the project.

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Okra Seed Bank

I’ve identified well over 100 okra varieties available (or once available) in the USA. I am collecting these varieties, trialing and profiling them, and then storing a gene bank of viable seeds with the support of Sow True Seed.

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Okra Seed Bank

Okra Varieties

Here are some of the latest okra varieties added to the project. I don't have seed for all of them. Some of them may not even exist anymore. If you have an okra that's not here, let me know!

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My book, In Defense of Okra, will be published by Chelsea Green Publishing in April 2019

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