All the okra varieties!

Okra seed bank for hundreds of varieties Okra Variety Trial

All the okra varieties!

Even as I publish this, I know there are varieties that I’ve not yet listed. So consider this an ongoing project and please reach out if you have more okra varieties (especially if you have seed for those varieties!).

Of 175 varieties, I have seed for 135, and I needed to whittle it down to 50 for the Franny’s Farm Trial. I first eliminated varieties from the Kerr Center Okra Trial (2008), they did a great job so I didn’t see the need to replicate given my already tough task of selecting okra varieties! I did keep a few well know replicates for comparison i.e. Clemson Spineless and Red Burgundy.

I decided to separate the high oil content okra seeds I got from GRIN. I only have 10 seeds of each and consider that a separate trial, specifically searching for and developing a viable okra seed oil variety. I’ll be growing them at my own homestead.

I also had a bunch of random red varieties. Either from Seed Saver’s Exchange or from seed swaps. I know little about them or their history, so a friend in Leicester, Jason Diloreti, will be growing out 10 Random Reds as a separate trial.

After that I picked the remaining varieties out of personal interest. I didn’t make 50, so I guess I’m trialing 60 varieties this year….

Chris Smith

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