Failing to plant any okra… [VIDEO]

Jason from Sow the Land films the okra prep Okra Variety Trial

Failing to plant any okra… [VIDEO]

My okra transplants are four weeks old. In the ground they would have 1 foot taproots by this time, but in my 2’x2′ holes they are somewhat confined. It’s all going to be OK, but I’m anxious to get my 360 babies in the ground.

Okra transplants are more than ready to go in the ground!

Jason from Sow the Land came out to film the planting for his popular YouTube Channel. He also saw how long it was taking me to cut the holes, dig the dirt, add cow manure, fix the irrigation etc… and stopped to help for a while. It’s crazy how multiplying things by 360 really slows you down.

Okra rows are primed and ready for planting Jason from Sow the Land films the okra prep Emily is learning about the ins and outs of drip irrigation

It turns out, that despite another long day in the field, I ran out of time for planting. But after watching Jason’s video I’m more excited than ever to get the okra planted and the grand okra trial begun.

Chris Smith

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