Field Prep at Franny’s Farm

Rolling out plastic at Franny's Farm for the okra variety trial Okra Variety Trial

Field Prep at Franny’s Farm

The following series of photos may not look like much, but it was a long day. As you may know, the okra trial is running along side Franny’s CDB Hemp Trial (which is happening on a significantly larger scale than my mere 560 ft of okra). I’ve been chipping in with the field prep for both trials as they both require the same work, it’s the least I could do since as this is Franny’s tractor, and land, and livelihood!

The laying of the drip tape and plastic while simultaneously creating a 30″ wide raised row is quite magical. It would be perfectly magical on super loose soil and flat ground, of which we had neither. I’m not too worried about the okra because it has super aggressive roots and this is only an observational trial, not a production enterprise. The main challenge was that we had to do a lot of shoveling to make sure the edges of the plastic were weighted down and unable to blow away…

We went through one 4000 foot roll of white plastic and a fair way into the second. That’s a lot of rows. Behind me you can see my four lovely road side rows of future okra. 4 x 140 ft, or 560 ft total. That means I can easily plant 6 plants of 60 varieties at 18″ spacing. That’s a lot of okra diversity!

Chris Smith

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