Okra Trial Location: Franny’s Farm

Okra Trial happening at Franny's Farm, Leicester NC Okra Variety Trial

Okra Trial Location: Franny’s Farm


Franny is excited to host the okra variety trial at her farm in Leicester NC. Franny’s Farm is about 2 minutes drive from my house, what great okra loving neighbors I have! The sound at the end of the video is Emily playing on a slide – she loves playing at Franny’s, so we’ve a fun summer ahead of us.

Emmy plays with goat as we plan the okra trial
Emily learning how not to feed a goat…

The basic plan is to set up three 240ft rows with good inter-row spacing. I am making a shortlist of 50 varieties to trial with 10-12 plants of each. It’s going to be a simple observational trial as I collect data about each variety. We’ll be growing near the LOVE barn, which is awesome because the trial will get great visibility and okra is a beautiful plant.

We’re hoping to organize an okra orientated event around August time, so sign up and stay posted.

Meet Abagail, a potential research assistant in the coming months:

Chris Smith

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