Bradford Family Heirloom Okra Okra

Bradford Family Okra

The Bradford Family Okra is one of the three family heirlooms that Nat Bradford is reintroducing into culinary America!

Known most recently for their Bradford Watermelon, another wonderful family heirloom has been quietly hiding on the farm just out of eyesight from the public. The Bradford Family Okra has been grown and passed down in Sumter, SC for almost as long as their famous watermelon. In the mid 1900s Theron Bradford built an okra thresher to harvest the seed from his crop and supplied all the local feed and seeds in Sumter and surrounding counties. This was the preferred okra by the locals. It was unique in that the tip of the okra would still snap clean at even 6-8 inches in length, meaning that it was a very large tender pod.

Nat Bradford, Theron’s grandson, is now the breedline manager for his family’s heirloom okra. Over the summer of 217 Nat introduced this okra to SC chefs who have placed it in high demand. Chef Forrest Parker, impressed with its size and tenderness, commented “”Wow! This okra is large enough to stuff! This changes everything we know about okra.””

Chef Kristian Niemi commented that he had never tasted such a sweet okra. And Chef Sean Brock referred to the pearl-like seeds as he pressed them from a large pod that “”this is okra caviar!”” Now, after close to three quarters of a century, the Bradford family is making this fabulous, rare okra available again! This is a very limited release this year. Don’t miss out!

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